Minneapolis Parking is Going Green!

As eco-friendly citizens of the Minneapolis community, Minneapolis Parking is going green! We have introduced highly popular “Green Zones” featuring car-share programs as well as electric car charging stalls!
Conveniently charge your electric vehicle in one of our Level 1 charging (110 V standard outlet) stations. You provide the connection cable, and we will provide the power completely free of charge!
[br]Plug-in your electric car while it’s parked, hassle free at any of our participating locations!:[br]

Loring Ramp Electric Vehicle Charging

Loring/Hyatt Ramp

  • 2 Electric Car Charging Stations | Located on Level 2 near elevator lobby
  • 2 Hour Car stalls

Gateway Ramp

  • 2 Electric Car Charging Stations | Located on Level 2 near entrance from 4th Ave S.
  • 2 Hour Car Stalls

Seven Corners Ramp

  • 2 Zip Car Parking Stalls
  • 2 Electric Car Charging Stations | COMING SOON!



About Minneapolis Parking

Parking in Minneapolis is easy with Minneapolis Parking’s multiple downtown parking ramp and lot locations. We have monthly parking, daily parking, and validation parking options!

Our Address

Minneapolis Parking
P.O. Box 2923
Minneapolis, MN 55402

Stress Free Parking

Monthly options for Minneapolis parking are cheap and start at $80.00/month. Stress free parking in downtown Minneapolis may be hard to come by, but as the largest private parking portfolio downtown, our facilities are quick, convenient, easy to use, and handicap accessible.